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Minor League Baseball Caps

Minor league baseball caps are an important part of a baseball’s player uniform and they were part of the baseball uniform since the beginning of the game. A baseball cap is a soft cap with a long and stiff bill that can be curved or flat. The basic style has a curved bill. Usually, the back of the cap has an adjuster made of plastic, Velcro or elastic which will make the cap fit all the wearers. Even if the baseball cap is most of the time associated to the baseball players, it can as well be a practical headgear which can be worn in other circumstances. The cap is pretty popular in the US, Brazil and Japan and the bill is normally worn forward but it can also be worn backwards or at some other angles. When it is worn forward it can protect the eyes from the sun. Still, there is no rule that says that caps are mandatory for baseball players.
Minor league caps, or the oldest version of them, were worn in the 1860s by the Brooklyn Excelsiors. It was a rounded-top baseball cap and few decades later this type of cap became popular. In the 1940s the inside of the cap was stiffed with a latex rubber material and a bill was created in order to protect the player’s eyes from the sun. The baseball cap is considered an important item by which you can identify a team. Usually, they have a logo printed on them or a mascot or even the team’s initial and it can come in the official colors of the team.

Baseball caps are normally composed by six sewn sections. Each of the six sections has a metal grommet attached or fabric eyelets for ventilation. Sometimes the back of the cap is made of a net-like mesh to provide extra ventilation. The bill is usually stiffened by a piece of paperboard. Minor league baseball players normally wear a classic cap made of wool or polyester. On the cap there is the logo embroidered into the fabric and it comes in the specific colors of the team. For example, the Oackland Athletics use an Old English “A” as a logo on their caps. For a long time baseball caps were made on sizes but since recently, 1980 they are no longer produced in different sizes. They come in one universal size with the adjustment strap at the back and like this they can easily fit any wearer. Nowadays some of the baseball caps are made of a synthetic stretch-fit material, normally lycra or rubber that makes it even easier to fit on each wearers head.
Even though the bill’s purpose is to protect the player from the sun, the baseball cap is not able to ensure an adequate solar UV radiation protection. The minor league baseball caps do not ensure a full protection for the skin, the sides of the face, the ears and neck remaining completely uncovered and the players risk to develop melanomas which could lead to skin cancer.