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Minor League Baseball Stats

Statistics are very important in baseball, and minor league baseball stats are the most important of all. These statistics are used by scouts, coaches, and teams to determine which players are good enough to make it to the big leagues. Players live and die based on their statistics. It is important to know all of the different stats so that players will get a good evaluation. Knowledge of how the statistics are formed and what each one means is very important for evaluating players. In this article we will discuss some of the common minor league baseball statistics and see how they can apply to minor league players to determine how good the player is and if they might be eligible for the big show.

Some of the most important statistics to know are batting stats. All players have statistics, baseball is the most statistically heavy sport. The most common stat is the batting average. This stat tells how often a specific player will get a hit when they are up at bat. Good players have a batting average or greater than 300. That means they will get a hit 3 out of 10 times or 30%. This number is usually represented by .300. Other key statistics include the RBI, the runs batted in, and other information such as stolen bases, walks, strike outs and others. The number of stolen bases can be used to see how quick and agile a player is. The number of walks will indicate how much of a threat the pitcher think the player is because he is throwing bad pitches.

Pitchers have their own stats that include the ERA (earned run average). The is the number of runs that is typically scored against a pitcher in 9 innings. There are many other pitching stats. Some pitchers specialize in getting the ‘close.’ This stat occurs when a pitcher comes in at the end of the game to solidify the game and earn the win. Usually the team is ahead in the total number of runs scored and will be allowed to throw difficult pitches to get the win. The pitcher is normally well rested for the save.

Minor league baseball players have all of the same statistics as major leaguers do and they are used to determine if they continue playing or advance to the big leagues. These stats will carry forward throughout their career. Most of the stats of a player are published on web sites and on the team’s information pages. The program that is sold at the games always has the important statistics of the players. Without minor league baseball stats, it would be very difficult to differentiate the different players into separate categories and therefore, be able to determine which ones are the best players.