Minor League Baseball – Minor League Baseball Teams And Players

Minor League Baseball Team

Minor league baseball teams are all a part of a grouping of professional baseball leagues that play throughout North America. A minor league team competes at a level below that of Major League Baseball and is operated as a business. They are run as a job, and each player or part of that team is often considered an employee. It is important to understand, however, that a team can only truly be considered a part of the Minor League if it is a member of the minor league organization. Teams that are part of this organization have signed an agreement to operate as an affiliate of Major League Baseball.

There are leagues and teams independent of Major League Baseball, however, and on some occasions, members of these independent teams have been able to work their way up to a true minor or major league status.  Even with this status, however, there is no guarantee that the team will be a giant success or that players will gain notoriety, fame, or even a name for themselves. Many minor league baseball players never catch the attention or fame they desire. Those who do have often been known to disappoint and not live up to the high expectations set for them. So, one should not assume that just because he or she is an official minor league player that he or she will receive fame or fortune.

Every official minor baseball team or league is independently owned and operated but almost always directly connected with one particular major league team by having signed a player development contract. These contracts may be signed on a two or a four year basis, though they can be easily renewed. In some rare cases, minor leagues can be directly owned by their major parent league club. Examples of these types of teams include the Springfield Cardinals and the Atlanta Braves’ affiliates. If this is the case, the team has not signed a player development contract. These teams, however, tend to be much more high profile. They have a giant, popular endorser, and the correlation between the two alone can lure many fans into the minor league stadium. Regardless of whether or not these teams play better than another minor league organization usually has no bearing on popularity. It is, in this case, all about who is backing the team.

Currently, there are 20 minor baseball leagues in operation. These leagues have 246 member clubs throughout the United States and Canada. While some of these teams gain notoriety and are well known for their skilled players or for lots of wins, some go virtually unheard of.  Some of the top leagues at the time of this writing include Triple-A teams, The International League, Mexican League, and Pacific Coast League. Well-known players include Brock Peterson of the International League, Jose Vargas of the Pioneer Baseball League, and Jim Murphy of the South Atlantic League. However, being a part of a minor league baseball team can be a life changing and exciting experience for anyone.