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Minor League Baseball Tryouts

When trying to find minor league baseball tryouts, one should be sure to know all the rules and regulations. He should understand that official minor league tryouts will never be held by a Minor League Baseball team itself. If one thinks he is going to a tryout for a local or well known minor league team, this is often a scam of some sort. Instead, real minor league baseball teams are assigned certain players by their Major League Baseball affiliate. If a team does not have a major league baseball affiliate, it is not a true minor league team. It is, instead, an independent team and operates outside of and with no assistance, sponsorship, or endorsement from Major League Baseball. In order to be assigned to a team, a player must take part in an official tryout camp.

These camps are held all over the country, and a list of legitimate ones may be found on the Minor League Baseball Official website. These camps are open to any player of at least 16 years of age, and they are free of charge. One should never pay for a tryout. Any tryout one must pay for is not legitimate. These camps require each player to bring his own equipment and to sign a liability waiver. This takes place during registration, done 30 minutes before the camp starts, and any player not meeting these requirements will not be allowed to participate. Any player under the age of 21 must have a parent or guardian present to sign the waiver.
If one does become a part of a team, one should be aware that no particular salary is guaranteed. All player contracts are handled by the Major League Baseball office. Salaries can vary widely depending on one’s position, the team one is playing for, and the skill level one possesses. However, no player in his first contract season may receive more than $1,1000 a month. To accept more money would disqualify him from future baseball endeavors if it is discovered. After the first contract season, a player’s salary is open to negotiation, and the outcome depends greatly on the player’s performance throughout the season.

For immigrants, aliens, or those on visas, salary is not managed by the Major League Baseball affiliation but by the board of immigration. Contrary to popular belief, minor league players are not given large amounts of spending money while playing. Each player only receives 20 dollars per day as spending money. This money is intended to be used for meals and is only payed to the player while he is on the road, traveling with the team. Following these guidelines will ensure good success at minor league baseball tryouts.